Meet the Mobile Barber

Inside a repurposed FEMA trailer parked in Cotulla, Fred Cortez cuts hair.

“We had to convert it into a self-contained unit, so I had to have my own electricity, my own water. I was amazed. The first day I came to setup I could see the people driving by — turning heads. They’re like, ‘Wow! Finally a barber in Cotulla.’”

When Cortez was working as a barber in another Texas town, he’d get a lot of oil field workers as customers.

“They’d all say the same thing: ‘You guys need to open up a shop in Kennedy, Karnes City, Cotulla,'” Cortez says.

He figured, why not open up shop in all those places at once? So he got the idea for his barber shop on wheels, which he calls the Texas Mobile Barber Shop.

Cortez repurposed a FEMA trailer for his mobile barber shop.Mose Buchele
Cortez repurposed a FEMA trailer for his mobile barber shop.
Mose Buchele

Even though the traffic in and through the area has slowed down, Cortez still gets business, he says.

“The traffic did slow down quite a bit, but I read in the paper the other day that there’s still about a little over 6,000 people in the Cotulla area. So, sometimes it’s quite a bit for just one barber, you know,” he says.

Meet the owner of Texas Mobile Barbershop

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