Meet Pancho & Kambrah

In terms of population, Florence, Texas, is not a shrinking town – even though most high school kids leave after graduation, never to come back.

But the new arrivals make up for those who leave.

Some come to work in the fields. Some, like Francisco “Pancho” Rodriguez, work in the quarries.

His job was cutting and carrying limestone blocks – arduous and dangerous work.

One day, Kambrah Garland, the owner of a local vineyard, placed a want ad for workers. Pancho interviewed for the job — and their lives were forever changed.

Video by Miguel Gutierrez Jr.


  1. Pancho and Kambrah ( Romeo and Juliet ) is good example story of 21 Century :: I never Drink Wine by now I’m a wine lover !! Your wine is Vino of love !! God bless you !! Mira

  2. Hello to Kambrah and Pancio [that is Italian for Pancho] from Florence, ITALY! 🙂
    See you this summer, I hope!
    Thank you to Ruth Glendinning for sending me this link just now! Nice to see you both and hear your voices.
    Cheers and a Cin Cin [as we lift a glass of red],

  3. Two of the most gracious, down to earth, hardworking people I know. So happy to have these friends in my life.

  4. I enjoyed this story while driving to work this morning. It was just one of those little stories that brings a smile in a rainy and chaotic day.

  5. As Kambrah’s daughter and Pancho’s stepdaughter, this brought me to tears! Super lovely.

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